About The Founder, Marlene Kreitenberg


I was born in Poland before World War II. As the war ravaged the countryside, my family and I lived among the gentiles in different cities as we fled to Siberia. From those negative experiences, I developed a tremendous passion for the Jewish people and Judaism.

I experienced Anti-Semitism in so many countries we wandered through, but this nurtured in me a passion for the eternity of the Jewish People.

In order to forge a brighter future, we need to educate the next generation.
This is the mission of The Foundation for Jewish Education.

The Foundation for Jewish Education seeks to revitalize Jewish identity among unaffiliated college students and young adults through Jewish educational initiatives designed for Jews of all backgrounds.

The goal of our programming is to profoundly strengthen Jewish Life by enabling those that do not strongly identify with their heritage to experience how Judaism is indeed relevant in their lives.

The unaffiliated college students and young adults attend a retreat, Heritage Retreat, to learn about Judaism and Jewish Roots. Success with each individual at this pivotal stage of life has a direct effect on how they make crucial choices in their lives. By reconnecting in the right direction, we will accrue dividends for generation to come. I, along with many others, have visited the retreats many times throughout the year.

Heritage Retreats is a transformative outreach experience in the great outdoors that has empowered the lives of many young adults.

The retreat setting provides individuals the time and space to step away from the distractions of everyday life and focus on the experience of deep reflection, high-level learning, and what it means to lead a more connected Jewish life.

Over the course of each session, participants take ownership of their Jewish identity, develop themselves as human beings, and begin a journey of lifelong Jewish learning and community involvement.